Cool Sculpture At Home

Did you know that you can also get an at home freezing machine too? 

There are so many options available out there if you look around and the concept is really the same, freezing your fat so it dies and is removed from your body. I found these options on Amazon, check it out!



HomeTek USA Fat Freezer Fat Cells Sculpting Body, 41.3 Ounce

About the Product
  • Naturally eliminates fat by freezing them
  • Non-invasive, non-surgical ideal for love handles and muffin tops
  • Use on thighs, waist, back, and nay area with unwanted fat
  • No discomfort in the process
  • Long lasting result


Fat Reduction Body Wrap Kit

  • Get up to 20 Body Wrap Treatments per kit! Spa Quality Slimming Body Wraps that provide dramatic results for Men and Women. Fat Burning Wraps for… Belly Fat, Love handles, Muffin top, back fat, Hips, Thighs, Arm fat, and a great Cellulite Reduction Treatment.
  • A Specially Developed combination of Body Wrap products scientific formulated to promote the breakdown and reduction of stubborn fat.
  • Lipo-Trim, Body Wrap Treatment Slimming Gel. A detoxing treatment that promotes the breakdown of fat and cellulite and forces the dissipation of toxins to shrink fat cells for fast fat loss and inch loss.
  • Lipo-Boost, a daily use Firming Lotion that provides deep hydration to restore the elasticity of the skin and connective tissues to Firm and Tighten. Lipo-Boost increases circulation and promotes fat reduction & detoxing. Use on stubborn fat and cellulite, crepe dry skin, tighten loose skin, the chin & neck, reduce stretch marks, and to firm and tighten breasts.
  • Get 2 Sauna Belts – 8 inches wide, fits up to 38-inch Waist and for slimmer Thighs, Hips, and upper Arms. Thermogenic action to Burn fat, lose inches and flush toxins & water weight. Sauna Belts hold in Body Heat, increasing circulation, and provide compression to sculpt your body and fat reduction.