Cool Sculpture

Cool sculpture is also called fat freezing and it is one of the most economical fat reduction treatments. There are many benefits of this one-time fat reduction procedure. It is cost effective, fast and safe and it is the only FDA-approved non-surgical fat reduction procedure that makes use of controlled cooling for eliminating fat. Controlled cooling is used for freezing the fat cells and reducing stubborn fat without surgery and needles.

Cool Sculpture

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Cool Sculpting?

The ideal candidates for cool sculpting are the ones with body weight within 20 to 30 pounds of ideal body weight and the ones who are in the procedure of losing body weight. Here, it is important to note that cool sculpting does not cause weight loss of suck extra fat out of the body. It actually works towards destroying the fat cells. Therefore, it is important for the human body to metabolize destroyed fat otherwise this fat simply gets stored somewhere else. The area treated through Cool Sculpture is the fat bulge or something that can be taken hold of by hand and squeezed. This is important because the machine used for cool sculpting makes use of suction for pulling fat and putting it between two cooling plates.

Cost Included in Cool Sculpting

The average cost that an individual needs to bear for cool sculpting is around $2000. However, this price might widely vary depending on several factors such as number of treatments required and location where this procedure is carried out. The applicator size required for treating the bulge area is actually one of the biggest factors influencing the cost of cool sculpting. The applicators used for this procedure are available in three sizes and they are large, medium and mini. Mini applicators are available within a range of $750 and $900, medium applicators within $600 and $800 while the large applicators are available for $1,200 to $1,500. Individuals looking to get more than one area treated should consult their cosmetic surgeons whether he or she offers a discount or offer for combination procedure.

Choosing a Doctor for Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting is a fat reduction treatment that has been manufactured by Zeltiq and the company sells its cool sculpting machines only to certified physicians who have been well-trained in carrying out the procedure. However, it is important to note that physicians are not the only individuals who have the capability of performing cool sculpting. Nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses can also manage to perform cool sculpting provided they have the training and the knowledge required for the same. Zeltiq also provides special certification to professionals who have undergone advanced training sessions.

What Amount of Fat can an Individual Lose through Cool Sculpting?

Generally speaking, individuals who go through this procedure can expect to lose around 20% to 30% body fat in the area that is treated post the one cool sculpting session. The patients can expect to see the results of this procedure within three months of treatment. However, some might see the results as early as just a few weeks. One thing that is important to note is that people who undergo this procedure should completely avoid gaining body weight during the treatment. If this is not taken care of then the results might not be as expected.

What Happens to Fat Post Cool Sculpting?

When freezing technology is applied on the areas with excessive fat, treated fat cells get crystallized and they turn into dead cells. These fat cells are naturally and permanently processed and eliminated by the human body. This leaves an individual more sculpted and toned. Adults do not produce new fat cells, thus, the cells destroyed and even removed from the body through cool sculpting remains permanent. This means that when an individual gains weight, the fat cells expand. Thus putting in body weight post Cool Sculpture could mean an increase in the size of the fat cells that remain within the body. Therefore, doctors highly recommend that individuals who undergo cool sculpture focus on the maintenance of ideal weight post the procedure.